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Modelling Tips & Advice


There is a common misconception about the modeling business… “You must be super skinny, super tall and super sexy to become a model”NOT TRUE!!!

Skin care tips

  • Drink at least 8–12 glasses of water per day. This will help keep your skin clean and healthy.
  • – Don’t use a lot of moisturizers. Just a tiny amount about the size of a pea or smaller. Use a non-scented moisturizer. One with vitamin E is a good choice.
  • 3 steps- Cleanse , Tone and Moisturize everyday. Look for a suitable beauty provider.

Practice taking pictures

  • Male modeling and female modeling is all about PICTURES! You must learn how to take good pictures to make it!
  • What I recommend doing is to simply practice taking pictures! By doing this you will learn your best angles, best sides and your best poses.
  • Just take a bunch of pictures with different poses and angles until you discover what works best for you
  • Enough Sleep and water to reduce your Dark eye ring or eye bag. Eye swollen? Take cold soaked tea bag and pad it . slice cucumber and place on top of it.
  • Well groomed- Hair, no split end, dandruff or crazy loud colours, wax or shave unwanted hair at your leg, armpit and you know where! Camera can really zoom in nowadays! Very close up!
  • Choose a suitable hair style that fit your face, if your face is so big and round, then have your hair to cover the side.
  • Bad hair day? — why models wear Big sunglasses and cap? It is not style or being pose. This is because you have to give your Hair, face body an OFF day, without anything on your hair or face.
  • How to wash your hair? Apply conditioner 1st to remove the hair spray, then shampoo, then condition again & towel dry it!.
  • Scrub! No need expensive skincare product, scrub away the dead skin. The cheapest way, buy a scrub and DIY.
  • Nails .to be manicured, bluff, coat. Male to keep short. Female to keep long and apply suitable manicure nail polish


  • You will need a good variety of wardrobe which include Smart Casual, Formal, office, Sporty, SwimWear & Appropriate Undergarments. Ladies ( Strapless Bra black is a must, push up unless you are C cup! & No VPL) There are things like Nipple tape, G string.
  • Brown shoe, brown belt, black shoe black belt.
  • Female — good mini Skirt with a Black 3 inch High Heels strap on for fashion, white heels for Bridal only & a tight fitting top with no advertising or logo. Conflict of interest. You dun want to wear a DKNY top to go for a GUESS audition?!
  • Male — Shirt with Collar, pants or Jean with Black or brown leather shoe.

Diet & Exercising

  • You are to maintain a good and well tone body.
  • If you are going on a Diet, you should follow a low GI Diet or Keto Diet ( No white rice or carbohydrates. Have lots of Veggies.
  • Exercise regularly like at least 3 times a week.

1. What it takes to be a model?

You are to be good looking, well toned body, have the X factor, confidence and for those with height, You can do more catwalk shows. You can be short but you are well proportioned. Of course, Your interest in fame and earning extra income, we need your commitment with a positive attitude. Even if you consider yourself not good looking, we can always help to Make you over. Weight can be lose, dressing can be improve, feature can be enhance

2. Is it a Must to pay for a portfolio in order to join a model agency?

A portfolio is a shoot done by the Professional which includes Hair & make up, Studio, photographer and it is not a Make over shoot. The purpose of a Portfolio is to use as a Marketing tool to present yourself to the clients how you look in different styles. A good face shoot and a Full length is a Must in all portfolio. We can’t use picture you took using your camera phone or any with friends to send to our clients. BTW, We only do minimum photoshop touch up as Your task is to look like yourself, We can’t deceive our clients.

*Note- If you pay for the portfolio, The rights of the picture belongs to you. If you have good picture, Then no portfolio is necessary unless it was 2 years ago and you need to update your look. For Free shoots by Photographers, they have the rights for their personal portfolio. Its a Win-win situation. What the model agency need is good picture of you

3. How about Grooming and catwalk lessons?
It is like any education we persuade. You will learn how to pose in different outfits, carry yourself well including introduction of yourself during casting and auditions. Catwalk will be useful for any shows such as Hair, Bridal & fashion show. You will also learn fashion sense, the type of makeup you should wear and outfit for different jobs & projects. If you didnt take any, then the only way is through experiences such as joining beauty contest.which will be the faster way to learn modelling.

4. What is a com-card and why do I need

A comp-card is a compilation of the best shoot in your portfolio. It stands for Composite Card and it needs to update from times to times for all your work you have done. Printing is not necessary nowadays as it is a waste of money, hence we have use E com card where you can print when you need it.

5. What are auditions and castings?
It is an interview with the client when they have shortlisted you. Carry your portfolio, composite cards with you and dress according to the required and match with suitable make-up and hair- do when you go for any audition, castings and go-sees. This is for presenting upon demand from clients. Please do not go unprepared and kindly inform your booker if you face any problems. Dress code: Smart casual, formal, sporty and etc.
Client will normally keep a copy of your com card and take picture of you for recording purposes. Make sure that you have a
pen and paper ready. Always ask the booker to repeat if any instruction is given is not clear and repeat to the booker for the instructions given such as ; things to bring, directions, name of the person-in-charge, timings, locations and dress code. You are responsible for your own audition’s location

6. Is it a guarantee that I will get jobs after joining your agency?

It all depends on how well you look and present yourself in your portfolio and during auditions. You also need to make effort by maintaining your beauty and body and working hard on your weakness. Be prepared to take rejections and cope with it. Some get jobs within a month, some after 3 months.

7. Is it too late for me to start

It is never too old to model, even you are 33 years old and you look like 22. You can be age 17 to 29 depending how you dress and present yourself. The common age for girls is 17 to 35 . As for Male, it would be from 18 to 30s.

8. Is modelling an ugly business?

No one is asking you to quit school or your current job as studies still comes first. Many thought modelling an ugly business and associate it with Smoking, drinking & drugs but in fact, it gives you lots of experience and opportunities. Your love one should be supportive in your modelling career so long you balance it well with your current occupation. It is up to you that what do you want to learn? Speak well, good body language, look good and independent.

9. What else can I do in modelling?

You might have talent in hosting, acting, singing or dancing. It is the right path and a good stepping stone to start if you decide to enter this arena. Everyone has their strength and weakness, you might not be tall enough to do catwalk but perhaps you are good in posing and photogenic or vice versus. Or you can be a very good Promoter if you have good PR skill and able to market the product you model for.

10. How long or far can I model?

I have seen girls from age 16 grow to 29. The life span also depends how good you are. Most model’s life span is about 8 to 12 years, not that they can’t model anymore but they found a full time job, further study or settled down. Or if you do really well, You can model till your 30s. Of course, if you need to lose weight or improve on your catwalk, pose or PR, then do it.

There are so many models and model agencies out there but if you NEVER try, how would you know you can make it or not? As a modelling agency, agent or Booker, our Job is to give you job and promote you. If you are always uncontactable or make no effort, do not turn around and say there are no jobs. There are always jobs everyday, it is only we need to see what suit you. Opportunity is not to be missed!

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